The IIIrd Congress For The
Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society (PANS)
"Turn Of The Millennium"
04-07 October 2000
Beirut, Lebanon




Dear Colleagues:
I would like to remind you about the importance of attending the 3rd Annual Meeting, which takes place every two years. This time, in addition to the scientific program and other satellite courses, there will be some very important subjects, which will be discussed concerning the development and activity of the PANS.
  1. General Assembly Meetings for all registered members of PANS (if you are not registered yet, you can still register before the General Assembly during this meeting). You will hear the general report of the past four (4) years performance and general plans for the future of PANS, your opinion will be very valuable to the PANS Committee which will help to aid in its improvement and performance. Remember, membership is free (sponsored by the Head Office, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).

  3. The By-Law Committee:

  4. We have already contacted many different Neurosurgical Societies in the Arab world asking them to nominate their new By-Law Committee representative. This Committee will be meeting separately after the General Assembly to nominate and select the Executive Committee for the next four (4) years, and approve any new amendments in the By-Laws of the PANS. If you are one of the members of the By-Laws Committee, please make sure that you are there or your registered alternate is present.
  5. The Executive  Committee Meeting:

  6. Will discuss the previous working agenda and the new proposed agenda. To set up the mechanism to improve the performance of the PANS and development of the future of the PANS Training and Research, and Exchange Development will be discussed.

If you require any further information, please contact the Head Office in Riyadh. Our FAX number is (966 1) 478-4057. We look forward to seeing you in Beirut in October.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Secretary of IIIrd Congress of PANS

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