Arab Neurosurgery

Education and Training

__________ Neurosurgery Fellowships:
For more details and contact information for listed topics, please click on above title:
  •       Cerebrovascular Surgery Fellowships 
  •        Epilepsy Surgery Fellowships 
  •        General Clinical Fellowships 
  •        Interventional Neuroradiology Fellowships 
  •        Neuro-oncology Fellowships 
  •        Neurotrauma and Critical Care Fellowships 
  •        Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowships 
  •        Peripheral Nerve Fellowships 
  •        Spine Surgery Fellowships 
  •        Skull Base Surgery Fellowships 
  •        Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Fellowships 
  •        Surgical Education Fellowships 

__________ UNC's Online Neurosurgery Resident's Handbook:
  • Commonly Used Scales in Neurosurgery:

  • A compilation of useful grading scales including the Glascow Coma Scale, the Glascow Outcome Scale, Spetzler AVM grading and more.
  • Commonly Used DRUGS in Neurosurgery: 

  • A compilation of some drugs commonly used on the Neurosurgery Service at UNC. 
    • CONTENTS (about 75 kB):

    • ||Analgesics/Sedatives || Antiobiotics|| Brain Abscesses and Meningitis||  Anticholinesterases|| Antacids|| Anticoagulants|| Antidiarhheals|| Anti-emetics|| Antiepileptics|| Bronchodilators|| Cardiovascular|| H2-Antagonists|| Laxatives/StoolSofteners|| Muscle Relaxants|| Steroids|| Miscellaneous||
  • Head Circumference:

  • Boy's and Girl's Head circumference charts.
  • MRI Appearance of Hemorrhage:

  • A description of the appearance of hemorrhage on MRI at various stages of evolution.
  • Angiographic Anatomy at Syracuse Neurosurgery (SUNY-HSC):

  • Labeled images of aortic arch, cartid and cerebral angiograms authored by the
    Syracuse Neurosurgery Faculty.  (4-18-96)
  • Glioma Pathology Grading Scales:

  • Kernohan's and Dumas-Duport.
  • Common Spinal Root Compression Syndromes: 

  • Sensory, motor and reflex changes associated with common root compression syndromes.

  • A list of muscles detailing supplying nerve roots, peripheral nerves and actions.

  • A list of reflexes from the cervical to sacral region.
  • Common Neurosurgical Procedures:

  • A list of procedures and their techniques.
  • Hyponatremia - Differential Diagnosis:

  • Differential Diagnosis of Hyponatremia. 

__________ QuB
Software for Single Channel Analysis
QuB has applications in neurophysiology, electrophysiology, biophysics, etc. The programs were built to ease analyse of single channel patch clamp records from
electrophysiological experiments, but can be used to evalute any data which is in the
form of single, stochastic events. 
QuB is available for UNIX and WINNT/95 operating systems, and can be downloaded for free from above web  site. 

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